Why we have the ‘Ant’ highlighted in our firm name?

‘Ants’ are a part of a large community. Within the community there is a wide variety of activities and behaviours, with each ant knowing its place and fulfilling its duties with total loyalty to the whole. Each ant does his bit (mind their own business) to ensure the survival of the whole community, no matter what role it has in society. They work hard, are patient and co-operative. An ant is able to carry a leaf, a crumb or a dead ant for miles – just to get back home to the anthill, requiring a load of stamina and patience. As well as being extremely hard working they possess an extraordinary ability to work as a team, to build their homes, to feed and protect all members of their colony. There may be a social order in ant colonies, but all ants honor and respect each other and work toward their common goal – the good of the community. They are also known to ignore distractions and find their own path crossing all hurdles. They adapt to the surroundings and know where to look for resources. Worker ants are great architects and can show us how to construct our dreams into reality. They are also very persistent and can teach this skill as well.

All of the above highlight essential value propositions that we should learn to imbibe in our daily lives; personal & professional alike. Hard work (proper research), strong team work to help the community (networking and information sharing with fellow investors, in our case) and patience to see our work fructifying are some of the traits vital for success. Being tireless workers and hunters, ant teaches us the trait of perseverance and patience in ALL they do. It can teach us how to let go of our egos (investment/experience biases) to align our interests. We aspire to be ‘worker ants’ some day and would work towards it. Till such time, we continue to look up to other worker ants (investment gurus) for gaining knowledge and inspiration.

About us

We are a group of inquisitive students, studying the Indian capital markets for over 2 decades. We have come together to devote our time to find, study and invest in micro cap ideas. Complexity, success rate and competition are inversely proportional to the market capitalization of a company. Lower the market capitalization; lower are the chances of it being widely (relatively) discovered and higher is the intensity of diligence and research that would have to go into it. Such companies do not offer the comfort that established companies do: reasonable valuations, set business model and proven management delivery/capabilities. This is precisely what makes it more stimulating, intellectually and monetarily. After all, today’s recognized mid/large cap companies were a much smaller in market cap some day. Isn’t it?

We intend putting all our thoughts, management meet interactions and findings on this blog and it should NOT be misconstrued as an investment advice. We do not undertake any advisory services. We are NOT registered with SEBI as investment advisors. This.This blog is purely for ideation and interaction with like-minded people and we hope to learn and improve ourselves in this process. We strictly advocate readers to do their own study and due diligence before investing in any of the stocks discussed on this blog. Remember, ‘borrowed conviction’ hurts real bad. Every investor’s style of investing, time horizon and return expectations differ. There is no short cut to generating wealth.

Happy Investing.


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